Virtual Science Fair 2014 1st Prize

In 2014, I vied in the Virtual Science Fair Competition for a second time. Competing against both Grades 8 and 9 when I was in 7th, I was able to achieve the most prestigious award, Summa Cum Laude, which is accompanied by a $300 cheque.

I picked a topic about researching a future technology regarding erasing and implanting human memory. This sounds like a crazy idea, and I wondered how this could be done while I was watching sci-fi movies. However, an article in Discover magazine suggested that this is actually possible! This article motivated me to explore more about this amazing technology. I researched more and read a lot. With this knowledge, I built a website demonstrating how this is possible. I submitted this to the Virtual Science Fair, and got the reward with the following comments:

Excellent site design, layout is simple, clean and color is easy on the eyes. The quiz section was a very good touch and very good use of various web-programming scripts.

I think you created an amazing project; the topic of the human brain and how it works is very important (as you probably know) and very interesting to me. I am impressed by the depth and breadth of your studies. Since the topic is very advanced and complex, I don’t consider it a weakness that there is no practical part or results: it is more of a review. The only thing I recommend is keep up the good work and keep your interest in science.
Images cited correctly. Great animations.

If you would like to take a look at the website, here is the link: