I went to many different places in the world, including Europe, Asia, the US, the Caribbean countries, and various cities in Canada. I like learning history beyond textbooks, where what I was given was unable to quench my thirst for history. While I was in those countries, I got a chance to observe the legacy of history right where the event happened. I visited museums, galleries, landmarks, and talked to local experts to learn how history shaped the region.

It was also a surprise for me to learn how diverse the cultures actually are, within a single country. While Toronto is already an incredibly diverse city, it is nowhere near the diversity in other parts of the world. For example, people here typically think about “Chinese Food” as one cuisine, with the same aromatic flavour. But when I was in China, I noticed hundreds of distinctive cuisines, each from a different province or city that I never had a chance to taste back home. Exploring the world gave me the knowledge that I would only be able to access through first-hand experience.

Throughout the world, there are many different cultures, each with its own way of shaping the history of the world. Learning how the cultures differ, how they are similar, and how they interact is, in its own right, a study of its own. Being in the presence of that culture is a great way to explore and learn its many twists and turns. For example, the extra input felt from actually being in the Paris suburbs is different from merely watching a video of it.

Below is a collection of pictures of myself in different places of the world: