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Other Sports

I enjoy sports in general. Sports are fun, and keep my connections with others strong and lively. They are a great way to have fun with friends, and give me a great incentive to keep active and competitive. I participate in a variety of sports, and here is a collection of photos of me in action.

I have participated in several team sports over the years, such as hockey, baseball, and soccer. As a team member, I can contribute to the overall effort, and learn how to collaborate with others, despite disorganization and disagreements. Team sports are not about how I perform, but how the team performs as a whole unit. Team sports are a collective effort to achieve certain objectives, while overcoming internal friction and opposition.

My favourite individual sports are skiing and golfing. Golf is slow and takes patience, while skiing is fast-paced and often risky. Although they are on opposite ends of the spectrum, I love both equally.

I participated in the St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course Summer Camp for the past two summers, where I compete against the other golf fanatics. Every winter, I go skiing at some tall mountain (to us Ontarians), such as Jay Peak in Vermont, USA, and Mont Tremblant, Quebec. I am avid for a ski trip to Whiteface in New York in December, 2014.