A Science Enthusiast

I love science, but the knowledge from school textbooks couldn’t satisfy my eagerness and curiosity. Hence, I went to a lot of extra-curricular courses, including Grade 11 and Grade 12 physics courses, making rockets, building robots etc. One of the most famous extra-curricular courses I took is the Jr. DEEP and DEEP programs hosted by University of Toronto. The Jr. Deep program is designed for inquisitive students at or below Grade 8. After taking a few courses in Jr. DEEP, I still felt dissatisfied. Therefore, I tried to register the DEEP program, which is designed for Grade 9 or above.

However, I was Grade 7 at that time, and thus was rejected. I was upset, and I didn’t want to give up. I talked to my father, and expressed my longing to join the program. My father helped me by contacting the DEEP program office. They still rejected me, because they said that not only were the students in the DEEP program from much higher grades than I was, but also that they tend to have much deeper knowledge in math and science comparing to other students in Grade 9-12. However, I was still not willing to loose the chance to fulfill my appetite in science, so we contacted the director of DEEP program, Ms. Britton. She was kind enough to inquire about my passion and level of knowledge in science and math. After knowing my passion and capability, they eventually allowed me to try. I was glad to report that not only did I understand and enjoy the program, but also I did better than many other students from Grade 9 to 12!

Furthermore, I am incredibly happy to see that I was featured at the Jr. Deep Saturday program home page! Here is me on the UofT Jr. Deep Saturdays Page, the kid laughing happily: http://outreach.engineering.utoronto.ca/pre-university-programs/jr-deep-saturdays