Risk Taking and Exploring

Since I was little, I was born with a willingness to take risks. I liked trying out new things, and I wound up liking them a lot.

For example, the first time I went to the Caribbean, I saw people snorkeling. I was excited about it and decided to try, despite the fact that swimming in the open sea was daunting. It was difficult at first. I gulped some salty sea water by accident. I also lost one of my flippers incapacitating me and scaring me quite a bit. Despite all these, I didn’t give up and enjoyed the overall adventure.

Some of the other things I did include horseback riding, motor boat riding, wall climbing, rafting, high rope climbing, zip lining, sailing, surfing … While many of those activities seemed intimidating at first, with cautious tries I managed and enjoyed them all.

Those activities taught me how risk taking could be rewarding, and make me feel accomplished. A lot of my friends dared not try some of those activities, and as a result they could never feel the excitement.